Duck In Car Wash – The Entrepreneurial Spirit


Garrett Grier has always had the spirit of an entrepreneur and now with the fourth year as owner of the Duck In Car Wash, he is beginning to enjoy the fruits of his labor.  The Duck In Car Wash began as a working project in 2004 and took two years of preparation before it opened its doors.  Economic and demographic assessments became the first expense before the shop was even open and making money.  Although the process seemed tedious and sometimes discouraging the Duck In Car Wash finally opened its doors on Oct. 30, 2006.

Garrett is a Milford resident, his family going back many generations, and a graduate from Milford High School.  He attended college at Elon University in North Carolina where he worked at a carwash to pay his bills.  There he learned the tricks of the trade and the business sense that would help him develop the Duck In Car Wash in Milford.

At the time of his return home from college Milford already had a carwash, located just a few hundred yards from where his business stands today, but Garrett felt it was not quite what Milford was looking for.  As the economy continued to boom he started developing a plan that would give Milford a car wash that focused on “full service and detailing.”

In 2008, the recession hit, with October and November being the worst two months on the books.  The tiny business weathered the storm by cutting expenses, making changes, and becoming more fiscally disciplined.  As 2009 came around the Duck In Car Wash began to see a pickup in revenue.  Currently the business employs 23 workers and averages 100 cars a day; 200-300 vehicles a day during the peak months.  The biggest challenge that faces the business is managing the expenses, “you have to find a happy medium between paying your employees and keeping finances under control.  I have a business to run but they also have families to take care of,” Garrett stated. The variable of labor, which is subject to the weather and amount of cars, makes it even more difficult.

Not being one to complain, Garrett says that his biggest reward is “seeing his employees step up in his business and progress as more experienced employees.”  There is little overturn for employees at the Duck In Car Wash.  From top to bottom business is taken very seriously.

With future plans to continue to grow and expand his business, Garret Grier hopes to own multiple car wash locations in Sussex and Kent County.  The current location is not only a financial success but has done its part to help the environment.  Duck In Car Wash recycles 90% of its water and uses eco-friendly chemicals.  The goal is “not to push cars through.  Instead we provide a unique experience that ensures long term consumers.”

The Duck In Car Wash is located at 215 Aerenson Drive between Wawa and Dairy Queen across from the Milford High School.  (302) 422-0109.