Milford Athletics –Looking Forward In 2010-2011 Season


In 2008 Milford High School took pride in winning the State Championship in football, wrestling, track and field, and softball; something that is unheard of.  In 2009 they continued to demonstrate their athleticism with a Conference Championship and undefeated season in girls swimming.  With achievements like these it should be another exciting year in Milford athletics. Milford High School will continue to be part of the Northern Division of the Henlopen Conference for the next 2 years.  This conference includes competitive schools such as Caesar Rodney, Cape Henlopen, Dover, Smyrna, Sussex Central, and Sussex Tech.

There is much to look forward to in Milford High School athletics this year.  To start, there are two new coaches joining the athletic department.  Dan Rigby will be head coach for the wrestling team and Joe Vavala will be head coach for lacrosse.  The Athletic Department also hopes to add a new sport to the High School this year with the introduction of girls volleyball.  There is no final word on which way this decision will go, since it must gain approval from the School Board, but there is much excitement from staff and students about the possibility.

Keep an eye on some of our students as they continue their athletic career at the High School this year.  Jerrell Allen who plays football, basketball, and baseball has already had professional scouts from the Yankees Camp watching from the belchers.  Savannah Becker, Becky Yanacek, and Morgan Antor are some of the female athletes that are getting the attention of their coaches and teammates.

The High School has recently seen many renovations with the new football field and improvements to the stadium.  They have also constructed new baseball and softball fields, tennis courts, and gym located in the new Milford Central Academy.  The new Milford Central Academy also gives an advantage to keeping Milford kids close to home by giving eighth graders a chance to experience what high school sports is all about.  Although they must play with the Middle School teams under DIAA (Delaware Interscholastic Athletic Association) rules, the location of the new school allows younger students to enjoy sporting events they may not have been able to in the past.   

Glen Stevenson, Athletic Director for the Milford High School, is excited about the 2010 season and expects big things out of the buccaneers. “We have the best group of coaches, across all of our sports that we have had in a long time. Our sports facilities are wonderful and more Milford athletes are staying in Milford to play sports.”  This year Milford lost less than 10 kids to Sussex Tech and Poly Tech combined. “If we can keep our kids here we can stay competitive.” The fall sports season may be quickly coming to a close but the rest of the 2010 Milford High School Athletic season is just beginning.

The next football game will be Homecoming on October 15 against Caesar Rodney.  For schedules and more information on all Milford High School sports visit