Health Watch – Kids are Back at School



At the beginning of each school year children are presented with a list of required materials in order to be prepared for classes. With fall already here and winter not close behind it is also important that your student be prepared to take care of themselves physically and mentally.  The common methods of avoiding germs still apply, wash your hands and cover your mouth when you cough, but there is more to staying healthy.  The three central factors to keeping a healthy life style are eating right, getting enough sleep, and exercise.

Children of all grade levels, and even adults, need to begin their day by eating breakfast; whether that is at home or at school.  This will not only make students feel more energized but also help with critical thinking and reasoning skills.  A big breakfast may not always be possible but even something small can increase their ability to learn.

Getting enough sleep each night is critical to the development of children.  It is recommended that all school age children receive 8 hours of sleep a night.  The process of sleep ensures that the body and mind are restored from daily activity and stress.

Physical activity can boost the immune system and also protect against obesity and diabetes.  Not every child plays sports but it is important that they find a way to stay active and keep moving.  Physical activity is a great way to prevent illnesses before they occur.

The Milford schools are doing their part to encourage and educate children about healthy lifestyle choices. “It is important to teach the kids how to take care of themselves with what they have”, said school nurse Susan Smith.  “We teach them to make decisions that will result in a healthier life”.   For grades 9-12 the wellness center at the High School offers free physicals and provides information on how to stay healthy.  The well-trained staff is always ready to help any problems or questions that children and their parents might have.