UD Poll: Coons, Carney Enjoy Big Leads


Four weeks before Election Day 2010, Delaware Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate Chris Coons holds a commanding 19-point lead over his Republican opponent, Christine O’Donnell. A new poll of 901 Delaware residents conducted by the University of Delaware’s non- partisan Center for Political Communication finds 49% supporting Coons and 30% supporting O’Donnell.

The poll reveals a large number of undecided Delawareans – 13%. Coons’ lead widens to 24 points when the probable decisions of undecided voters are taken into account for the poll’s final estimate, with Coons holding a 61% to 37% advantage. The poll also finds weaker emotional support for O’Donnell among her supporters than Coons has among his. The poll is the first released since long- time Republican incumbent Congressman Mike Castle announced he would not seek a write-in candidacy. Castle was defeated by O’Donnell in Delaware’s September 14 primary.

The UD poll also finds that Democratic Congressional candidate John Carney holds a 48% to 31% lead over Republican Glen Urquhart, with 16% undecided. When undecided registered voters are allocated, Carney leads 60% to 40%.

The “National Agenda Poll” is overseen by assistant professor of Political Science David C. Wilson, a public opinion specialist who serves as the Center’s Coordinator of Public Opinion Initiatives. The poll was conducted September 16-30, 2010 and has a margin of error of +4.1%.

Click here to download the PDF file of the University’s poll.