Milford City Council Focuses on Economic Progress


The City Council meeting tonight, Monday October 11, 2010, focused on the economic future for the city of Milford.  The newly created Economic Development Committee which is chaired by Councilman Garrett Grier and Councilman Doug Morrow has been busy recently.  The committee has been assessing bids from economic consulting firms to construct an economic blueprint for the city of Milford.  Tonight they recommended the firm Moran, Stahl & Boyer to the rest of the council.  The council approved this recommendation 7-0 with Councilman Starling absent.

The much expected vote on the annexation of the lands of W. Nelson Hall on Rt. 14 (Milford Harrington Hwy) was shelved until October 25, 2010.  Mayor Ronnie Rogers stated that “council has not had a chance to sit down and review the matter.” The vote for annexation will also decide the zoning of those lands which are residential.

The vote to extend the impact fees incentives was also pushed back to October 25, 2010.  This incentive began as a way to encourage new businesses to incorporate in Milford by waiving impact fee; electric, sewer, and water. To date, a total amount of just over $101,000 has been waived. In return, the City of Milford has generated $5.7 million in investment. The vote at the next City Council meeting will be whether to extend these incentives to June 30, 2011.