Banneker Special Olympics Team Shines at Skills Competition


The Banneker Bulldogs Special Olympics Team wanted to share some pictures from their special day.  Our 2010 Soccer Skills Competition was held on October 12th at Ennis School in Georgetown.  The athletes and their peer partners did a wonderful job representing Banneker Elementary School.  This year we took a record number of students.  The Banneker Special Olympics Team has grown to 46 athletes and peer partners.  Thank you all for your support to make this team a HUGE success!

2010-2011 Sussex County Soccer Skills Competition
Banneker Elementary School
Soccer Scores Advanced Skills
Athletes Peer Partners Medal earned
Corey Mack Cole Neibert Gold
Joshua Luciani Jackie Adams Gold
William Bennett Alyssa Martin Gold
Kevin Rossetti Clay Johnson Silver
Kristopher Cicchini Tyler Herholdt & Cameron Frazier Silver
Michael Hartzell Kamaran Miller Silver
Omar Godwin – absent
Individual Skills
Medal earned
Alexander Getz Jordan Cleveland Gold
Eric Adkins Lawrence Grose Gold
Jessica Henry Butler Kalaysia Reynolds Gold
Kody Cicchini Garrett Smith Gold
Melony Farrell Brianna Kibler & Faith Hurd Gold
Ronaldo Dameus Dominic Feightner Gold
Teyahna Prileau Leah Barnett Gold
Tyreek Stevens Justin Bramble Gold
Anthony Montgomery Cody Swan Silver
Davonte Pierce Carson Rios Silver
Mariah Hartzell Lily Wiley Silver
Alysa Langstrom Kaitlyn Davies Bronze
Mark Martin Kaheim Kimborough-Roach Bronze
Reginald Marshall Dylan Tuttle Bronze
Sarah Amador Emma Moorman Bronze
William Lynch and Taniyah Stevens— Team Helpers
Benjamin Banneker Elementary School
Team – Banneker Bulldogs
Program Director/Coach – Laurie Moorman
Team Volunteers and Coaches
Heather Howard Brian Davis
Kristin Walters Janet Lardner
Sandy Sommerfield Jon Lobiondo assisted with practices
Letisha Hopkins