Milford High School Makes Appeal for Girls’ Volleyball Team


The room was packed for the Milford School Board Meeting on Monday, October 25.  The reason being an appeal from Sonya Eagleston and Glen Stevenson, Milford High School Athletic Director, for an approval to start a girls’ volleyball team beginning in the 2011 Fall Season.  Sonya made the case that she has had 78 students attend interest meetings for the new sport and has received “overwhelming support from teachers and parents.”Currently Milford is the only school in the Northern Henlopen Conference that does not have a girls’ volleyball team and only one of three schools in the entire Henlopen Conference.  After hearing the support and the minimal costs associated with starting the team the School Board decided to take a vote on the matter.  The Board voted unanimously to approve the start of a girls’ volleyball team beginning in the 2011 season, which means that practice will begin next August.  With such a high number of girls interested in the new volleyball season Milford High School hopes to begin with a Varsity and Junior Varsity team at the beginning of next year.   

For more information on the new season or how to get involved contact Glen Stevenson at