Delmarva Board Sports Paddles Into Town


Delmarva Board Sports Adventures is a Milford based business that sells and rents equipment and offers lessons for stand up paddle boarding and windsurfing.  George and Janis Markopoulos, founders and owners of Delmarva Board Sports, are using their internet based company to bring eco-tourism and healthy lifestyles to Milford.  Their goal from a business standpoint is to become the leading stand up paddle board and windsurfing outfitter on Delmarva.  The aspiration that would bring them the most enjoyment, however, is generating a buzz around eco-tourism and getting people in the Milford community embracing recreation on our waterways.

George and Janis spent their lives working in the corporate world before they conceived the idea of launching their own water sport business.  George was a Certified Public Accountant by trade for 26 years and Janis excelled in Information Technology and Email Marketing for corporations.  Being a professional team rider for RRD, an international wind surfing team, George was sent stand up paddle boards from his sponsor in March 2010 to try out.  He fell in love with the sport and he and his wife decided to start their own business by becoming an outfitter for paddle boards and wind surfing.

Janis acknowledges that “stand up paddle boarding is the fastest growing water sport in the world” and is gaining attention from all age groups.  Their biggest consumer so far has been women between the ages of 35-60.  “It is a very unthreatening, tranquil experience that can bring people together out on the water,” stated George.  George and Janis hope to work with the community of Milford to educate residence about the importance of improving water quality and the benefits of recreation on our waterways.  They encourage the revitalization efforts by Parks and Recreation and Downtown Milford Inc. to preserve the heritage of the Mispillion River.  George and his wife would like to see better access and river drops along the river as the effort continues.

In the future, the owners of Delmarva Board Sports want to see a community-based effort to get people outside and moving.  Their vision of an event called “Milford Stands Up for Fitness” will educate Milfordians on healthy ways to reduce stress through physical fitness and recreation.  Their dedication to fitness can be seen with their promise to customers. “If you buy a board from us you receive free water excursions for life,” explains Janis.  George clarifies that what separates them from other water sport outfitters is that they “want time on the water with their customers.”

As George and Janis continue to promote their business in Milford they encourage you to explore the world of stand up paddle boarding.  To learn more about the business and community efforts to promote water based recreation visit