Milford Acquires Two New Legislators in State House


On Election Day, November 2, 2010 the Milford area acquired two new legislators as Republican Harvey Kenton defeated Democrat Russ McCabe in the race to replace retiring Rep. George Carey in the 36th District Representative seat and Republican Harold “Jack” Peterman upset incumbent Democrat Robert Walls in the 33rd District.
Harvey Kenton defeated his opponent by a margin of 54.3% to 45.7% (5229 to 4400 total votes).  Mr. Kenton will be replacing long-term Representative George Carey who has served his constituents for 26 years.  “I can never replace George, he is a legend.  I am honored and humbled that he endorsed me and that I have the opportunity to continue his tradition of great representation to the citizens,” Kenton stated.
Many in the community have labeled Harvey Kenton as a committed public servant and expect that he will continue that tradition in office. Mr. Kenton served in the United States Navy and committed time to his community as a Milford School Board member and Vice President of the Delaware State Fair.
As he heads to Dover Harvey stresses that the economy is his primary concern. “We need to not only create new productive jobs but protect the jobs and businesses we already have.  Small business creates approximately 80% of all jobs in the United States,” Harvey commented.
He will also focus on education. “It’s hard to recruit new companies to come to Delaware if our education standards are lagging.  Our teachers are being forced to teach to a test and not necessarily open the creative minds of our children,” stated Kenton.  He believes in local control of schools and feels that the education budget needs to be looked at to decrease spending while making sure that appropriated monies reach the classroom.
Harvey is very adamant when it comes to stopping the wasteful spending in the budget for the State of Delaware.  Harvey commented “you can’t spend more than you take in. This just does not work.” Harvey is willing to work on any committee that is requested of him but is looking forward to working with agriculture and education.
Jack Peterman upset sitting Democratic Representative Robert Walls in the 33rd District by a margin of 52.2% to 47.8% (4314 to 3954 total votes).  This is the third time that Jack has run for the office of State Representative in his district.  Jack has served his community before as Kent County Levy Court Commissioner for the 4th District and devoted his time as past president of the Frederica Lions Club and Past Chairman of Kent County Ag Land Preservation Foundation.

Peterman plans to focus on jobs, the economy, and agriculture while serving his term as 33rd District Representative.  “Jobs are the number one issue,” Jack explains. “I want to put my energy into getting our economy back on track.”

Peterman is concerned about the new taxes that were passed by the current Delaware legislature and their impact on individuals. “All of these new taxes are going to put an extra strain on our citizens,” Jack stated.  He will work with others in the state legislature to decrease the economic burden placed on Delawareans.  The cap and trade bill and the death tax will be legislation that Jack will look to revisit during his first year in office.

Both men will take office in January 2011 and become part of the 147th General Assembly of Delaware.  This year the Delaware legislation will face some big issues including redistricting, gambling, and rent control for manufactured housing.  With a projected budget shortfall, taxes and spending will be on the table as well.  These next two years should prove to be challenging and exciting for these two men as they represent the Milford area in the Delaware House of Representatives.