Governor Markell Skypes with Milford High School Students


Delaware Governor Jack Markell took time out of his trip to China to speak with students at the Milford High School on Wednesday.  Using new technology known as “Skype” the Governor was able to speak directly to the students through a video conference call.  Since the time difference from China to the United States is thirteen hours the Governor was preparing for bed as the students were just beginning their day.  Catherine Rossi, Director of Communications for the Governor, was present at the school to act as the official liaison between Governor Markell and the students.   

Governor Markell is overseas in Beijing and Taiwan in an attempt to attract new businesses and exports from the state of Delaware.  The markets most important to Delaware, agribusiness including poultry, have grown in the Asian markets over the years as a rise in the middle class has brought demand for more goods and services from other countries.  The Governor stated that he has meet with three different companies that import chicken from the Western Hemisphere.  Markell’s objective is to make sure they export their poultry needs from Delaware and in doing so create revenue and jobs in the first state. 

The Skype conference helped to demonstrate to students how small and competitive the world market has become.  The Governor stressed how important education is for these high school juniors and seniors and emphasized the growing competition from other countries in the area of science, math, and technologies. He recognized the increase of scholars in this part of the world as it continues to develop.  Students are now competing in a more intense global market and not just their own country or state.

The decision to Skype with the high school students reflects Markell’s focus on education and the economy. “As we think about building a stronger economy we need a strong workforce.  A strong workforce will come from educating our students more effectively,” stated Governor Markell. The Governor made it clear the importance of teaching students about the global market by demonstrating how demand in China for poultry can affect a small state across the globe.