Family Night at Lulu Ross Elementary


On Tuesday November 10, Lulu Ross Elementary had their Annual Family Night.  The theme this year was “Lost in Space” and featured everything from astronauts to Martians.  For Lulu Ross Elementary this is a chance to get students and parents involved in the school through activities other than school work.  The school was packed with families from the Milford School District as they enjoyed projects in each classroom that reflected the theme of the night; while providing an educational experience.

The expected number of individuals attending family night was between 600-800 people.  All were encouraged to dress up in costume, and many were.  On display was everything space related from pictures from the Hubble Telescope, astronaut suits, and a giant replica of the planet Earth.

This Family Night is the unofficial kickoff to National Education Week which is aimed at highlighting the importance of giving every child the opportunity of a great education.  The parental involvement team, which is operated by Michele McKenzie, Jay Lingo and other teacher, were primarily responsible for the events of the evening.

There was a dinner for families and a raffle which included community sponsorships from Wal-Mart and Kersey Home Improvement.  Families were also encouraged to bring perishable food items to help with the school’s Thanksgiving Food Drive that is held each year.