2011 Election Date for Council Moved


Milford City Council’s first order of new business at the November 22 meeting was to change the election date for the year 2011.  Currently, the City of Milford Charter requires the “Annual Municipal Elections to be held on the fourth Saturday of April.”  This year the fourth Saturday of April will fall between Good Friday and Easter Sunday. The proposed change to the charter would amend years where the election falls between those two dates in order to not “place a burden on…those celebrating the holiday with family and friends, many of whom will be out of town.” The amendment was passed unanimously; with Councilman Morrow and Councilwoman Wilson absent.

The second order of new business was to amend the code of the City of Milford entitled water for the purpose of prohibiting certain types of private water wells.  The order recognized that for “purposes of health and safety” persons within the City of Milford will not be allowed to build and maintain separate water wells except as defined as agricultural, dewatering, domestic, heat pump closed loop, heat pump recharge, industrial, irrigation, observation, public and test wells.  The Council voted to approve the amendment with all members voting yes, except Councilman Adkins voting no and Councilwoman Wilson absent. 

The City Council also voted to continue the lease of the cell tower located on 106 South Washington Street to Open Range Communications Incorporated and to accept the lowest bid on a new F-450 truck with dump body and snow plow for the City of Milford. 

Representative for Circle of Light Inc., Kevin Bowers, presented a partnership between Circle of Light, the Milford Ministerium, the Milford Church of the Nazarene and the community for the purpose of creating an Emergency Cold Shelter.  The shelter would provide temporary overnight shelter for up to 10 homeless men and 10 homeless women when the temperature reaches 25 degrees or lower.  The shelter would be located at the Milford Church of Nazarene and run by volunteers from around the community. 

The Office of State Planning was also at the meeting to present a Master Plan for the Southeast Region of the Milford area.  The plan included the presentation of existing zoning, neighborhoods, agricultural and environmental preservation, and transportation.  The workshop was to show the Milford City Council and the community the Master Plan developed by the Office of State Planning for this region.

Mayor Ronnie Rogers also made an announcement to update the Council and the community on Milford Board of Appeals ruling to uphold a decision to condemn and demolish properties located at the corner of N. West Front Street and Church Street. This undertaking, which has taken almost three years, will hold the property owners responsible for demolishing the buildings and bringing the properties up to an acceptable and safe code.  There will be further discussion at the next City Council meetings regarding what proceedings will take place if the property owners do not comply.