An Experienced Team Dedicated to Your Needs


Bobbi Pavlak of Extreme Total Fitness has been a certified trainer in the wellness industry for seventeen years. Originally from the metropolitan area of Northern Jersey, Bobbi started teaching others how to live a healthier lifestyle by working in a variety of Fitness centers. She has kept herself on the edge of the latest knowledge in physical fitness and training by focusing strongly on continuing education in the field. 

For Bobbi, it has always been a dream of hers to own her own health facility and teach others how to maintain a life of wellness.  In 2006 Bobbi helped open the fitness facility Quest, which occupied the same building on NE Front St in Milford, with the previous owners. Two years later she decided to take over the business and give it a new name; Extreme Total Fitness. 

Her goal was, and still remains, to create a “family oriented place that serves health conscience enthusiasts in a friendly, unintimidating atmosphere.”  Extreme Total Fitness separates itself from other health facilities by offer more than just a gym that focuses on building muscle.  Extreme Total Fitness is a full service facility that offers a variety of cardio equipment, Hammer Strength and Cybex weight training equipment.  There are fitness classes daily, a supervised childcare facility during specified times, personal training services and many conveniences such as showers for members’ use.

Extreme’s fitness classes include spinning, Zumba, yoga, and cardio kickbox which are offered by certified instructors.  Bobbi emphasizes that her staff and instructors are professionals who are experts in specific areas of health and are devoted to the needs of their members.  “What makes our classes so different is the certification.  For example, it takes a year to be certified in spinning and continuing education in order to retain the license,” comments Bobbi.  The dedication of the staff and instructors demonstrates the level of expertise that Extreme Total Fitness is devoted to. 

Bobbi’s greatest focus is on the members and helping them reach whatever goal they want to obtain. “There is a great variety of members here.  We have those who want to stay active, power lifters, athletes, and individuals who just want to stay healthy and lose a few pounds,” stated Bobbi.   Bobbi supports all of her members as individuals and creates a sense of comfort and camaraderie so they may meet the goals they intend to overcome. 

The separate fitness room, located in the back of the facility, is used so that members taking classes have a private area where they can focus on exercising without disruption. Bobbi commits that their goal at Extreme Total Fitness is to “promote good health through weight loss and tone bodies, help resolve medical issues to improve quality of life, and help relieve stress in people of all ages.” The relaxed atmosphere helps people to focus on themselves and their goals. 

Already a part of the health community in Milford, Bobbi hopes to continue her outreach to the community.  Assisting with the community Relay for the Cancer Society last September she has helped to create awareness of disease.  Bobbi is a 13 year survivor herself and knows the importance of a healthy and active lifestyle.  She wants to see more student-based programs for fitness conditioning for teenagers and introduce children to wellness at a younger age.  Bobbi also urges the importance of having nutrition classes for children and parents that teach them to eat healthy as a family. 

Over the holiday season Bobbi recommends that individuals continue to stay active and keep consistency in their fitness routine.  “I know it is a busy time of year but with the added stress and more food consumption the body needs exercise to maintain its health,” commented Bobbi. 

To learn more about Extreme Total Fitness Bobbi Pavlak can be reached at 302-422-8808.  Check out offered classes, child care services, and hours at