Get To Know Your City Government


 Here at Milford Live one of our goals is to bring the community of Milford closer together.  In an attempt to do just that we will be starting a series of articles where the community will get to look at what their elected officials are thinking.   We will ask these public servants questions about our town, its challenges, its successes and most importantly its future.  To kick off this series we start with the Mayor of Milford Joseph Ronnie Rogers.

Mayor Rogers has a long history with the City of Milford. The 1956 graduate of Milford High School was first elected to city government in 1972 as the Representative for the 1st Ward.  He served as Councilman until 1982 when he was elected the Mayor of Milford that year.  His term lasted until 2008 when he was defeated by Daniel Marabello.  Mr. Rogers ran for Mayor in 2010 and was re-elected to the position.  Mayor Rogers is currently the longest serving Mayor in the State of Delaware. 

Q: How do you think Milford is doing?

A:  I am very optimistic about the future of Milford.  We have weathered the recession pretty good compared with other surrounding cities.  I attribute this to the community who has come together and helped each other during this time of need.  There are so many great individuals who have stepped up and volunteered their time to help their neighbors.  I also have one of the best city councils I have ever worked with.  They all are working very hard to put the needs of the city first. 

Q: What is the biggest challenge for the city of Milford?

A: Right now the economy is what is on everyone’s mind, and it should be.  We are focused on economic development.  We need to stay competitive and attract new businesses while helping those already here stay.  We had an experienced economic development consultant come to Milford to help us map out what we should be looking for.  We are trying to prepare as much as we can for the future and making sure we are ready for the upturn of the economy.  Our community, the schools, and businesses have all started working closer together to ensure that we stay competitive.   Our job, as the City of Milford, is to keep the city stable and financially sound.  We are doing that and creating opportunities for growth.    

Q: What is one thing you hope to change in the future?

A: One challenge that is critical is creating jobs so that our youth stay here in Milford after high school and college.  When I visit the schools I am very impressed by the talent that our students have.  The problem is that many of those talented students move away and share those talents with other communities.  We are trying to create a business friendly atmosphere so that jobs will be created here.  We really need to find ways to bring back our talented youth. 

Q: What is one thing you want the residents of Milford to know?

A:  I want them to know how hard the City Council, the department heads and all of the staff are working to make Milford become a place we are all proud of.  The city of Milford is being recognized statewide by the Department of Economic Development and business organizations who see the progress we are making.  I am always getting positive feedback from individuals who live in other towns.  I know the past couple years have been tough on everyone from the recession but the community as a whole has really been coming together to help each other.  I want to thank them all for that.