Get To Know Your City Government


Councilman Steve Johnson has been part of the Milford’s community since 1967.  He is a member of both Avenue United Methodist Church in Milford and Epworth United Methodist Church in Rehoboth.  Mr. Johnson believes that our faith must be put in action through our service to the community and our involvement in civic activities and volunteer organizations; being a voice for all the people of Milford. He describes himself as pro-business, fiscal conservative and has served the people of Milford’s First Ward since being elected in 2009.

Q: What were/are the reasons you got involved in city politics?

A: My initial reasons for running for city council were related to keeping taxes and utilities as possible by controlling spending and watching income and reserves.  Also, I wanted to see the council work together in a respectful manner by finding common ground in the issues. 

Q: What has surprised you the most about the job?

A: I think the surprise was that things don’t change overnight.  It took some time but I believe we have one of the best councils in years.  The newest members, Jason Adkins, Garrett Grier and Skip Pikus are great assets to the city moving forward.  Council members Brooks, Morrow, Starling and Wilson bring experience and knowledge of past council perspective that is helpful in decision making.  Each member may have their own perspective on issues, but after votes are cast, the only concern is working together for what is best for the community.

Q: How do you think Milford is doing?

A: Even through our economic downturn, the City of Milford is healthy.  Council has made difficult decisions to balance budgets and we have had two years without any tax increases.  Economic development and right-growth stimulus are priorities and applications for building permits show we are on the right path.

Q: What is a challenge that the city of Milford faces?

A: Our challenges will be to maintain economic growth, keep city services affordable for our citizens, continue to improve our sewer system so that we do not “throw money down the drain”, and to manage our city’s growth in respect to annexations.  We recently voted on a controversial annexation which was opposed by many of my long time friends.  Before the vote, I talked to my son, Andrew, about the difficulty I was having the issue.  He reminded me that I took an oath to always do what is best for the City of Milford.   

Q: What do you see as a success that Milford has accomplished?

A: We see a pride in the city that has brought us a vibrant, growing downtown.

I would like to personally thank Chuck Stanko, Scott Angelucci, Dan Marabello and Irv Ambrose for their leadership roles in making all of this happen. Also, we wouldn’t have seen this success without organizations such as the Chamber of Commerce, Downtown Milford, Inc., Milford Public Library, Milford Museum, Mispillion Art League, and individual business owners.  Thanks to city council and Mayor Rogers for their commitment to our downtown’s continued success.

Q: How would you like to see Milford move forward?

A: Moving forward, we have to balance the city’s needs with the needs of every Milfordian. We need to work together with organizations like the community food pantry, the Delaware Food Bank, and Circle of Light to fight the problems of hunger and homelessness.  At the same time make sure that we have a climate that supports the business community and new jobs for Milford.