Principal Chat Reaches Out to Community


On Monday, December 6 Principal Mark McDaniel continued his effort to reach out to the community and educate parents of students in the Milford School District about what is happening at their children’s schools. The meeting took place at the Ashley Christian Center in Lincoln. Mr. McDaniel explains that this step is necessary in order to connect with those parents who cannot make it to the schools. “Many parents want to get involved but may have to work when we have our meetings or even may not know the process of getting involved,” commented Mr. McDaniel.   This program has been a proactive approach by the school district to help the community understand what is happening at the schools.

Principal McDaniel is encouraging parents to get involved with the schools.  He stresses the importance of volunteerism regardless of how big or little the commitment.  “We really want to get the parents into the schools helping but in order to get this message to them it is important that we go out to them,” stated Mr. McDaniel.  Increasing communication between the schools and the community has been an ambition of Mr. McDaniel which he feels is critical to increasing academic knowledge among students. 

With the first round of Delaware Comprehensive Assessment System (DCAS) testing finished, Principal McDaniel explained the process and results of the school wide assessment.  For the first round of testing the Milford School District performed above average on all levels. Based on these test results  teachers will be able to utilize a program called “Learning Point Navigator” to create online assignments for students based on identified areas of weakness.  As the student begins to work on these areas of weakness reports can be accessed to measure student progress. 

The district wide anti bullying program and anti cyber bullying campaign has been under way at the schools.  Principal McDaniel stressed to parents the importance of them talking with their kids and find out what they are doing online.  The district has set up an anonymous email address that students can report bullying to school counselors whether they are being bullied themselves or see other students bullying. 

Principal McDaniel has continued this program to encourage parents to be involved with their children’s education. “I want them to know that there can be open communication, I am here and I am accessible,” commented Mr. McDaniel.  For more information on future outreach meeting call the Milford Central Academy Office at 302-430-7900.