Get To Know Your City Government


Skip Pikus, Councilman for Ward 2, is a Milford native.  In 1948 his Father, Lou, opened Lou’s Bootery on NW Front Street.  In 1970 Lou retired and turned the business over to his two sons Terry and Skip.  In 1990 Skip became the sole proprietor of the business.  Skip began his political career in 1970 sitting on Milford City Council where he served four consecutive terms.  In 1980 he was elected to Kent County Levy Court as the 33rd Kent County Representative where he served one term before he moved to Sussex County.  After staying active for years in the Economic Development Committee and Industrial Financing Committee Skip ran again for City Council in 2010 where he was elected Councilman of the 2 Ward. 

Q:  What initially got you involved in politics?

A:  I made a bid to run for City Council in order to assist in changes in the economy and expansion of the town and to hopefully improve our quality of living and protect our quality of living.  I was involved for so long with family here for over 100 years and I had seen the changes; both positive and negative.  With growth being inevitable it is very important to decide the direction in which we go.  We need to grow positively under good leadership. My goals were and still are to encourage our youth of our community to take an interest and hopefully take a position of leadership in our city.  I want to help Milford grow economically, culturally and support our education system. 

Q: What has surprised you the most about the job?

A:  The interest in the growth patterns in Milford.  Many of the growth patterns are moving in a positive direction, some negative, but the importance is that many of our citizens are very interested in our future.  We must protect what we have but also grow with good planning. We need to offer a future for our youth; both blue-collar and white-collar.

Q: How do you think Milford is doing?

A: Economically we are doing well, we are not wealthy but we are healthy.  We are moving in the right direction and we need to stay focused in that direction but also focus on protecting the culture and the history of our city.

Q: What is a challenge that the city of Milford faces?

A: We have to work with our landlords and property owners to restore many sections of Milford to make them viable and desirable. 

Q: What do you see as a success that Milford has accomplished?

A: There have been several successes in Milford.  The strength of our downtown is growing and gaining attention.  The revitalization of the arts and cultural areas of our town is becoming reality.  Our educational system is growing and moving in a positive direction.  Our medical community is doing a great job at providing care to our mixed community of retirees and youth.   There are a lot of great successes happening right now in Milford. 

Q: How would you like to see Milford move forward?

A: We are on that path as we speak today with a vision of the new Council and expanding on the vision of past Councils to promote strong economic development, both business and culturally speaking.  All these future visions require close communication and cooperation between city, county, state and federal leadership. If we keep that line of communication open the city of Milford will even be a better place to live.