Muscular Dystrophy Association “Locks Up” Milford Residents


Last week the Muscular Dystrophy Association visited the town of Milford to ask local residents to help raise money and awareness for those with Muscular Dystrophy.  The MDA nominated Milford businessman and local leaders to participate in their “lock up” campaign.  The campaign asks that individuals be “locked up” for the day and be released only when they have raised the money they have pledged to MDA.   

The Shawnee Country Club acted as the jail for this event on Wednesday, December 8. MDA asked “jailbirds” to raise their bail money through donations made to MDA by their friends, families, and coworkers.  Individuals raised money using canisters, posters and through online personal fundraising pages.   While “locked up” the jailbirds made calls from the Shawnee Country Club to ask for final donations in order to complete their donation pledge. 

One jailbird Barbara Westfall, who works in Milford at the Department of Services for Youth and their Families, was present calling her sponsors and friends to help raise donation for MDA.  She commented that she joined this campaign “because it sounded like a fun way to raise money for such a great cause.”  Barbara was able to raise her money and was released from “jail” later that afternoon. 

Muscular dystrophy is a term used to describe multiple disorders that cause progressive muscle weakness.   These disorders, which are present a birth, have no cure and no way of prevention if the genes are inherited.  The Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA) states that the treatment of muscular dystrophy is “directed at preventing the complications of muscle weakness.” To help with funding for this cause the Muscular Dystrophy Association does a number of fundraising events around the country but depends on local communities to raise donations and awareness. 

The event at the Shawnee County Club included 26 “jailbirds” from the community and raised over $11,500 between in just four hours.  This money will go to fund research, awareness and care for children with muscular dystrophy in our area.