Chamber Plans Community Forum

Dave Hitchens, Richard Carmean, Fred Rohm, Butch Elzey

By Jo Schmeiser CCGM Executive Director

When Chamber of Commerce for Greater Milford President Fred Rohm first presented the idea to host a Community Forum as part of the five-year plan he developed, the Board of Directors agreed it was a wonderful idea.

Fred says the last time the chamber hosted a Community Forum was approximately twenty years ago, and with the current development of the City of Milford Strategic Plan, the timing is perfect to host a Community Forum again.

The purpose of the forum is to invite several community leaders, and give them the opportunity to express what they feel is most important issue in Milford.  The issue can be anything from safety to education, or anything else that might be of interest to the Milford community.

At the forum participants will be asked to share their issue with the group, it will then be written on a large piece of paper and posted on the wall for everyone to see.  After everyone has had the chance to express his or her first issue, if there is another issue that has not been presented, an attendee may add it to the list.

Once all issues have been expressed, everyone is given “Milford Bucs” to use to vote for the issue(s) they feel is the most important.  Attendees may not put all their “Bucs” into their issue.  Once the voting has been counted, the Chamber of Commerce for Greater Milford will address the top five issues.  The CCGM will then contact the organizations that are the most likely to be involved in addressing the issue.  The organizations will be urged to become involved with the time, commitment and funds.

The Community Forum Committee consists of a well-educated, experienced group of individuals who care a lot about Milford.  On the committee are Fred Rohm, Richard Carmean, Dave Hitchens and Butch Elzey.

The Community Forum is being held Thursday February 17th at Milford Parks and Recreation from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Due to a limited amount of seating, this is an invitation only event.  

If you are a leader of a Milford organization and are interested in participating in the Community Forum, or would like to learn more about the forum, please contact the Chamber of Commerce for Greater Milford at 302.422.3344 or email