City Introduces New Yard Waste Regulations

Type of acceptable container. Any trash container not more than 33 gallons, as shown in the picture.

Beginning January 1, 2011 yard waste will have to be separated from regular refuse in order for it to be disposed of in the city of Milford.  This mandate by the Department of Natural Resources (DNREC) means that any yard waste consisting of grass, leaves, brush, tree limbs, shrubs or other garden material will no longer be allowed in the regular trash pickup.

The City of Milford will continue to pick up yard waste; however it will have to be separated into the following groups:

–          Leaves

–          Limbs and branch

–          Other garden debris (weeds, shrubs, dead plants, etc.)

Yard Waste and Brush Service is available every Wednesday, with exceptions to holidays. Yard waste consists of lawn clipping, outside flowers, garden plants, bushes, trees (not lumber), dirt, sod and leaves.

Leaves will continue to be picked up by the Street Department with the leaf vacuum during the months of December and January. The schedule for this is as follows:

–          If your regular trash pick-up day is on Monday, your leaf pick-up day will be on Wednesdays.

–          If your regular trash pick-up day is on Friday, your leaf pick-up day will be on Fridays.

Alternatively, you can arrange to have your leaves picked up by calling 422-6616 ext. 100.  Please note that leaves should be raked into a neat, orderly pile by the curb and should not be bagged.

Limbs must be bundled and placed out in a neat, orderly bundle close to the curb, to be picked up on Wednesday by the Solis Waste Department. If residents have a large number of branches they should contact the Streets Department at 422-6616 ext. 100 to schedule the limbs to be chipped.

Other Garden Debris such as dead flowers, weeds, shrubbery clippings, etc will be collected by the Solid Waste Department on a Wednesday. Residents should place these types of items in a separate 33 gallon container (the likes which are readily available at Ace Hardware, Lowes, Wal-Mart etc). It is important to note that these containers will be hand dumped by our crews, so if they are too heavy to move, our Solid Waste personnel will not be able to dump them into the truck. Please do not use the City of Milford trash or recycling containers for yard waste.

Please note that the above mentioned items will not be taken to the landfill but to a local recycling center instead, and therefore, the following items cannot be picked up:

–          Bagged leaves or bagged yard waste (everything must be separated as stated above).

–          Soil, fill-dirt, sand etc.

–          Piles of brushes which contain other types of debris such as broken concrete, etc.

The following are the Do’s & Don’t’s for yard waste:


–          Set yard waste out at CURB the night before


–          Do not place yard waste/ leaves in plastic bags.

–          Do not place leaves in roadway or blocking sidewalk

–          Do not use the City of Milford trash or recycling containers for yard waste