Get To Know Your City Government



Councilman Doug Morrow and his wife Linda moved to Milford in 1973 for a job opportunity in Lewes, DE. Mr. Morrow choose to live in Milford because he thought it was “the right place to raise a family,” and has since then raised two children; Douglas and Stephen. In 1986 he took a job in Milford as a Human Resources Manager.  He first served on the Panning & Zoning commission for several years and experienced an unusual outcome his first run for City Council. “My 15 minutes of fame were when the results ended in a tie the first time I ran (I lost the coin toss!). That didn’t deter me. I ran again and won,” commented Mr. Morrow.  Councilman Morrow is currently serving his eleventh term on city council. “Milford has so much to offer and I am proud to be part of it,” stated Mr. Marrow. He is past president of the Milford Lions Club, past president of Milford Pop Warner Football and was active in Milford Little League baseball. Doug is currently a member of SHRM (Society of Human Resources Managment), a member of Center Point Church and a member of the Board of Directors of the Bayhealth Medical Center.

Q:  What initially got you involved in politics?

A:  I initially ran for office because I simply wanted to do something that would help my community while Linda and I raised our family here. I do think giving my time and effort to governing the city is a public service. It is a way to give back to the community.  I continued to seek office because I enjoyed representing my district, I liked working with other council members and the mayor to either bring change or keep the things that worked in place.  I have especially enjoyed my committee service as the Chairman of the Police Committee.

Q: What has surprised you the most about the job?

A:  I was most surprised about how much time is contributed by elected officials in serving the city.  I also have to admit I found it difficult voting on issues and other government business which were not popular with our citizens and even friends.  It is easy to say yes and hard to say no.  I learned quickly no matter which side you take there is someone always not happy.

Q: How do you think Milford is doing?

A: I think Milford is doing fine.  Could we do better?  Absolutely there is room for improvement, but these are difficult times for our nation, and consequently for our small city.  But I am hopeful and intend to do whatever I can to make things for all our citizens better.  I will continue to keep services at the best levels possible, while attempting to keep costs reasonable.  It’s a balancing act, but I think all those I serve with have the same goal, and I believe our city employees will assist the mayor and council in this endeavor.

Q: What is a challenge that the city of Milford faces?

A: Jobs, jobs, and a few more jobs.  We are a microcosm of this country.  We face the same challenges, but in many ways we do not have the tools to address the problem.  Milford can certainly not print more money when we need funds.  We cannot increase costs to folks who are already strapped financially.

Q: What do you see as a success that Milford has accomplished?

A: There have been so many success stories for our city in the past.  We developed a business park, and now there are numerous small business concerns that are employing workers.  We have seen Milford become the home of Delaware’s Veteran’s Home, and we have a sixteen bed Hospice facility which gives a much needed service to our area.  We annexed and allowed residential development which has brought Milford hundreds of new citizens.  We have provided a community which allows folks to enjoy a fantastic place to live.

Q: How would you like to see Milford move forward?

A: Mayor Rogers placed Councilman Grier as chairman of a newly formed economic development committee which I also serve on.  I have no doubt that Councilman Grier and the committee will work to make something happen to bring some economic improvement to Milford.  I think the city needs to accept a little responsibility to get people back to work and maintain the good quality of life the City of Milford has to offer.