City Council’s Last 2010 Meeting


City Council held their last meeting of 2010 on Tuesday, December 29 at City Hall.  The meeting was opened with a public hearing that recognized Gary Norris, City Planner, to discuss the separation of a parcel of land located at 937 North Dupont Boulevard. The owners of this parcel of land, which includes the business Rita’s Ice, asked the City to create two separate, taxable parcels.  Mr. Norris explained the intention of the owners, stated by them, is for financial purposes and there are no plans for building.  If there are plans to build in the future it would have to come back in front of the Planning Commission and the City Council.  The vote to allow the separation of the parcel was unanimous, with Councilman Starling absent.

Mayor Rogers took a moment to thank all the City of Milford crews that worked during the storm removing snow and keeping utilities running.  He commended them on their hard work for not only their efforts during the latest snow storm but also the snow accumulation experienced over the Thanksgiving holiday.

After the Council was called to order, the unfinished business of amending the City of Milford entitled water code, for the purpose of prohibiting certain types of private water wells, was voted on.  The order recognized that for “purposes of health and safety” persons within the City of Milford will not be allowed to build and maintain separate water wells. The Council adopted Ordinance 2010-20 with 6 members voting yes, Councilman Adkins voting no and Councilman Starling absent.   

New business for the Council included amending administrative services for City of Milford employees.  Amendments to the City of Milford Cafeteria Plan, Dependent Care Assistance Plan and the Health Flexible Spending Arrangement Plan were adopted as a whole by the Council voting unanimously, with Councilman Starling absent. 

The big news of the night occurred at the end of the meeting when Mayor Rogers shared the news that Timothy G. Willard, Esq., was stepping down as City Solicitor.  Mr. Willard has been the City Solicitor for the good part of the last decade.  In a letter sent to Mayor Rogers, Mr. Willard stated that he has a “great deal of respect for the City of Milford employees…they are truly hard working and dedicated to the future of the city.” He also recognized the City Council as being true public servants and stated that he is refreshed “to see some younger members of Council run, get elected and serve.”

Mr. David Rutt was appointed as the new City Solicitor with a unanimous vote by Council, with Councilman Starling absent. Mr. Rutt will begin the new position on January 2, 2011.