Update on Condemned N.W. Front Buildings


In October of 2010 the Board of Appeals for the City of Milford confirmed condemnation and demolition for the properties of 203,205 and 207 N.W. Front Street.  These properties have been condemned since January 20, 2010. On December 13, 2010 City Council voted to approve funding for the demolition project by a unanimous vote of members present.

Just before Christmas, the property owners filed an appeal to the Kent County Superior Court which resulted in the Superior Court issuing a stay that is effective until January 21, 2011.  This decision asserts that the City of Milford cannot demolish said properties before that date.

The City of Milford has filed a motion to dismiss the appeal that has not yet been heard.  The Superior Court has stated that the ruling on the motion to dismiss, by the City of Milford, will be ruled on by or before Friday, January 7.

City Manager David Baird stated that the process of demolition is “still moving forward and the City is doing all it can within the confines of the law to continue with demolition efforts.”