Milford Graduate Invests in Solar Business

Solar Panels on the Roof of I.G. Burton of Milford

Milford High School graduate Will McColley decided to look into the solar energy business after he noticed a considerable increase of its presence in the renewable energy industry.  Will McColley graduated from Milford High School in 2003 and received his Bachelor’s Degree in Business Leadership from the University of Delaware in 2008. CNC Solar was founded by Mr. McColley, Mike Kirby and Tom Colucci in August of2009. Beginning in Milford, the business has expanded their offices to Rehoboth Avenue in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.    

CNC Solar was created in an attempt to establish a professional business with people who understand the rapidly evolving market and to provide the best service to the public.  Since all solar panels are a commodity, CNC Solar focuses on educating people about solar energy and teaches them what questions to ask when they are looking into the newly commercialized industry of renewable energy solutions. 

The learning curve can be large when trying to educate people about how solar energy works, the benefits of its use and the government incentives that are available for residential and commercial buyers.  With utility companies receiving more pressure from state governments to increase their usage of solar power, the demand for solar energy is increasing. 

With the increase in federal and state government incentives for installing solar panels, CNC Solar maintains that buying solar energy for a house or business has become affordable and profitable. CNC Solar claims that individuals can see a profit from installing solar panels in 5-7 years in the residential market and as early as eighteen months for businesses.  The panels that CNC Solar promotes are guaranteed for 25-30 years, based on the product.  The unused energy from the solar panels is simply sent back onto the electric grid and sold directly back to the utility companies.   

In the first quarter of 2011 CNC Solar plans to open up a new location in Newark, Delaware in order to better serve their clients in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland and northern Delaware.  Locally, CNC Solar installed a solar panel system on the roof of I.G. Burton in early October of 2010.  Mr. McColley stated that CNC Solar “looks forward to helping the community become energy independent, help residents decrease their cost of living and Milford businesses decrease the cost of operation while providing all with a better cash flow.”  As renewable energy incentives become increasingly present in government and solar energy becomes more affordable CNC Solar will work with the community to help people understand the critical knowledge of the industry.

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