Central Academy Hosts History Day, Science Fair


Saturday, January 15 the Milford Central Academy hosted a school-wide History Day and Science Fair in the Cafeteria of the new building. 

This is the first time that a Milford School has required that students participate in the History Day and Science Fair program.  This year projects were a major grade in social studies and science classes for all 8th graders.  “It is a fantastic opportunity for students to develop research skills that will enhance their learning experiences,” commented Judy Purcell, eighth grade social studies teacher at the Milford Central Academy.

There were 6 classes that participated in the History Day event with 6 more entering the competition next year.  There were approximately 30 history day projects on display.  The subject matter for the projects focused the students in the time period they were studying which is the creation of the thirteen colonies to the civil war.  Students also were given an opportunity to do other time periods with permission.

Approximately 320 students completed a science fair project which was held at the same location.  Students designed, executed and collected data to answer an experimental question with a single independent variable.  The project questions were from a wide variety of topics, based on student interest. 

 The process for each event taught students how to undertake a project from beginning to end.  Students had to choose a topic, demonstrate research skills, apply their knowledge of the topic to a theme and finally construct a project that could be an exhibit, a media presentation, a website, play or report.