New Pet Friendly Shop Opening Downtown


Sherry Shaffer has big plans for a new store in downtown Milford.  The business, Fur Baby Boutique, will be a unique store that offers different products and goals than the big named pet stores. Fur Baby Boutique will be an up-scale cat and dog item boutique that offers eco-friendly, rescue friendly, organic and handmade items. 

Sherry attended Salisbury University and graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in International Business. She has recently worked extensively with the non-profit company Paws of Tomorrow out of Ocean View, Delaware. Sherry was the foster coordinator for the organization for 2 years, working with shelters to help find adoption or foster families for dogs. It was here that Sherry became an expert with all breeds of dogs and all types of behaviors.

Baby Fur Boutique will carry items made by local people, such as artwork, gourmet treats, hand carved wood items and handmade crafts. The store will focus on using local products that cannot be offered through big box stores.

The store itself, however, will do much more than just sell unique animal products. Baby Fur Boutique will become a home for Paws of Tomorrow, Inc. to do business.  This non-kill organization is comprised of all volunteers and is entirely funded through donations. Fur Baby Boutique will become a home for the organization where they can hold events, raise awareness, gather volunteers and collect donations. With many non-profit organizations in Delaware going under due to the economic recession it is difficult for these organizations to support themselves. Fur Baby Boutique will cover the cost and provide quality items while giving Paws of Tomorrow a place where individuals can visit to find out more about what they do.  A purchase from Fur Baby Boutique will become support for Paws of Tomorrow.

Fur Baby Boutique will host monthly events that will include fundraisers, adoption and foster information. The store will also have dogs that are available for adoption visiting the store for the day so that potential adopters can meet them.  In the past, these events have brought upwards of 100 people coming from surrounding areas such as Washington D.C., New Jersey and the Eastern Shore.  Sherry hopes that this will help drive people to the downtown Milford area and bring more attention to the other shops downtown. “ Downtown Milford is going to be a dog friendly, rescue friendly, and a family friendly place to visit,” commented Sherry.

To find out more about this new business join their Facbook page by searching “Fur Baby Boutique”.