Assault on a Law Enforcement Officer


Arresting Officer: CPL. John Horsman

On 1/28/11 the Milford Police responded to the Goodwill Store after receiving a report of a Theft. Upon arriving, Police made contact with Takara Brittingham, 20 yo of Milford. Brittingham had reported that she was the victim of a theft. Brittingham became disorderly toward Police while in the store. Police made several attempts to calm Brittingham in front of store patrons and employees but Brittingham refused and became more irate. While Police attempted to take Brittingham into custody, she forcefully resisted and struck one officer in the head (causing minor injury). Brittingham was charged with Resisting Arrest by Force, Assault 2nd on a Law Enforcement Officer and Disorderly Conduct. Brittingham was arraigned through JP2 and was committed to WCI in default of $3,250.00 cash bond.