Councilman Adkins Will Not Seek Re-election



I am writing this letter to thank everyone in Milford for the opportunity to have served as your city councilman for the last two years. Very few things in my life can compare to the pride I have had in serving the city that I will forever consider my home. However, due to near term uncertainties regarding my residence (I am sure my father would strongly agree), I feel as if I must step down at this time. I do not think it would be fair to run for another term unless I was confident I could serve it in its entirety. The past two years have brought a culmination of successes, emotions, and challenges that I truly believe resulted in the creation of a long term vision for the economic success of Milford. Due to the actions of the council, we are on pace to see more growth this year than any other city in our area. I am proud of the direction the council is heading, and I am relieved that I am able to leave with the knowledge that those who remain will continue to make decisions that foster long term prosperity and growth for Milford. Furthermore, I want to express my appreciation for the hard work and dedication that Mr. Baird and Chief Hudson commit to the city. We are fortunate to have them. I am proud to come from a city who was willing to give a 24 year old the opportunity to serve as their councilman. I am forever in your debt Milford, but I promise that my service has only just begun.


Jason Adkins