Rep. Kenton Introduces First Bill

Rep. Kenton endures some good-natured grilling as he works his first bill in the State House of Representatives.

Freshman State Representative Harvey Kenton (R-Milford) has reached a milestone in his fledgling lawmaker career, having endured the traditional friendly hazing that awaits any member of the State House of Representatives who works their first bill.

Rep. Kenton was the prime House sponsor of Senate Bill 6, a bill that would allow the City of Milford to change its charter in regard to local elections.  The city holds its municipal elections on the fourth Saturday in April.  The bill would allow those elections to be moved to the preceding Saturday in the unlikely event the usual date falls during Easter weekend – as it does this year.

The House rushed the bill to the floor on Jan. 26, a day before an expected snow storm, to ensure it was sent to the governor prior to the General Assembly’s six week budget-writing break.  Rep. Kenton said the charter revision needed to get done before the recess because of the time needed to advertise the election change.

Rep. Kenton said he was “a little bit nervous” about working his first bill, but that the experience was ultimately “a lot of fun.”

After this year, the City of Milford won’t have to worry about an Easter weekend conflict with their municipal elections until the year 2038.