Junior Varsity Point Gaurd Sigmarie Melendez


Rony Baltazar

Becoming a doctor, an astronaut, the president or a famous celebrity has been an inspiration for many young children, but for one particular Milford High student, becoming a famous basketball player has been her long-life dream.

Sigmarie Melendez, a Junior Varsity point guard who wears No. 5 on the girls’ junior varsity basketball team, stays busy with school and other activities. She still attends practices from the end of school until about 5 p.m. daily.

According to Melendez, when she was a child, her older brother, Raymond Melendez, used to play basketball everyday outside the house and one day she decided to try it. Ever since then, it has changed her life.

“He inspired me to play,” said Melendez. “The first time I made a basketball team was when I was in eighth grade at Milford Middle school, and ever since then, I’ve been playing for Milford and I want to do it until I graduate.”

Melendez said she was excited to score her first point in a win over Nandua on Feb. 1. She has helped the junior varsity Bucs to a 10-5 record, which ranks the team third amongst the Henlopen Conference. Melendez added that she loves being with the team since it feels like her teammates are all family to her.

Melendez hopes to continue playing basketball until she graduates, but for now she’s excited for the next home game against Sussex Tech on Feb. 8. She also hopes to keep scoring against Tech.

Other than basketball, Melendez likes to do gymnastics and play volleyball. She cares about her studies as any other student, and if she doesn’t become a professional basketball player, she hopes to join the United States Air Force.