A Focus on Personal Relationships in a Digital Business Age


Mark  Schanee has been an expert in the insurance industry in Milford since 1985.  In fact, you can say it comes naturally.  Mark’s mother is a retired State Farm Insurance Agent as is 11 of Mark’s aunts, uncles and cousins.  He has even passed along his loyalty and dedication to State Farm Insurance by advising his brand new son-in-law; who recently became an agent in Charleston, S.C.  “I guess you could say that’s our family business,” commented Mark. 

Fresh from the University of Maryland, with a Bachelor’s degree in law enforcement, Mark was chosen by State Farm Insurance and picked to represent the town of Milford which he describes as a very fortunate occurrence. “This was such a great community to see my children grown up,” commented Schanee. 

Mark Shanee prides himself on State Farm’s ability to tailor insurance needs to the personal situation of each individual.  They offer approximately 166 different types of insurance which include the popular automotive, life and home insurance but also include mutual funds, health care and retirement planning. Mark stresses the importance of meeting face-to-face with an insurance expert when choosing how to secure the future of yourself and family. 

As the world continue to grow in the digital age State Farm adapts, but Schanee insists that nothing will ever replace the significance of having a personal relationship with your insurance agent. “Insurance is too important to just click a button and approve.  As long as nothing goes wrong people are content, but when something does they are so relieved to have a local agent there to help,” commented Mark.

Recently Mr. Schanee has added Hunter Emory to the sales team of insurance professionals.  A 2003 Milford High School graduate, Hunter was brought on board to help tailor to the younger insurance shoppers. With a new generation ready to begin careers and families it is important that the needs of these individuals are met.

At State Farm Mr. Schanee and a staff of professional will customize the insurance to evolve along with life changes. “As assets and responsibilities change so should the appearance of your insurance,” stated Mr. Schanee. He prides himself on being the client’s first and best choice when it comes to insurance and financial services. “I can promise you we are the best, “stated Mark.

Mark and his team of insurance professionals are located 915 S Dupont Hwy, Milford, DE   and can be reached at (302) 422-2235. To find out more about types of insurance State Farm offers and how they can help you visit http://www.sfdelaware.com/.