Can-Do Playground Coming to Town

Can-Do Playground in Wilmington, DE. Photo courtesy of

The Milford Rotary Club has taken on a community project of immense proportions to be completed in 2012.  The Can-Do Playground at Milford will be a unique public playground for children and families of all abilities in Central and Southern Delaware. It will be a Boundless Playground™ and the first and only playground of its kind in Southern Delaware.   The playground is being developed by the Area 40 Rotary Club which includes 6 local clubs: Milford; Lewes-Rehoboth; Harrington, Greenwood, Felton Centennial; Rehoboth Sunrise and Naticoke-Seaford.

In 2007, six Wilmington area Rotary clubs developed the first Can-Do playground in Delaware at Alapocas State Park. It has enjoyed major success where they have seen visitors travel from 3 and 4 hours away to enjoy the facility.  If everything goes to plan the Can-Do Playground of Milford should be completed in the year 2012. 

Originally, the Rotary Club obtained an area for the project at the back of Silicato Park, off of Airport Rd, but the land was not quite bit enough to host the facility. Thankfully, PJ and Phyllis Walker donated a ½ acre easement so that the project could move forward. A short time after that, The City of Milford also donated land to help the plan get under way.

“Without the initial boost from the Walker family we may not have gotten this off the ground,” commented David Rutt, member of Milford Rotary and advocate of Can-Do Playground.

The Can-Do Playground can be used by any child regardless of impairment or condition.  More importantly, the equipment is designed so that all children can play together.  For example, the traditional sandbox has been updated to reflect kids of all needs by introducing sand tables. These tables are large containers full of sand that are raised to the waist level of children.  This allows children in wheelchairs or other disabilities to play side-by-side with all children their age.  There will also be other equipment, such as swings, to accommodate children of all needs so that can enjoy each other’s company next to one another. 

The ability of this playground to incorporate all children into play is what makes this project so exceptional.  “There really is nothing like it in Southern Delaware,” stated David Rutt. “We hope to bring children from all over to enjoy this unique opportunity.”

There will be opportunities in the near future to donate to this project.  Although the use of grant organizations will be utilized, donations from the community will be necessary to see such an enormous project get under way.  To find out more information about the Can-Do Playground visit and take a virtual tour of the facility already completed in Wilmington, Delaware.  To find out more information regarding the Can-Do Playground of Milford contact David Rutt at

Children enjoying a sand table at the Can-Do Playground in Wilmington, DE. Photo courtesy of