Reynolds Helps Team to Winning Season


Rony Baltazar

For varsity shooting guard Kaitlin Reynolds, basketball is what she breathes and eats; basically it’s her whole life.

Well, she does have a twin sister, but only she got the basketball gene. Consequently, she loves basketball.

Reynolds, a junior at Milford High who wears No. 5 on the girls’ varsity basketball team, loves basketball with a passion as well as helping the team score against teams such as Dover, Lake Forest, Caesar Rodney, Laurel and Seaford.

According to Reynolds, when she was around six-years-old, her brother, Ricky Reynolds, introduced basketball to her; however, her father was the one who inspired her to play basketball.

“I enjoy playing basketball because it’s part of my life,” said Reynolds. “We’re doing better than previous seasons, and I think that we came back as a team and we all have each other’s back. It’s like a whole family.”

Even though the girls’ basketball season ended with a loss against Dover, she’s proud of their accomplishment throughout the season with a record of 12-8. The girls’ basketball team will likely be headed for the state tournament which starts on March 1.

Reynolds plans to be part of the varsity squad until she graduates next year, but that won’t be the end as she plans to be on the basketball team when she attends college. She plans on studying law to become a lawyer or a crime investigator.