Council Reviews Maintenance and Licensing Ordinances

The City Council meeting on Monday, February 28 opened with a workshop to review three separate ordinances that focused on maintenance of properties within the city limits. The first ordinance was to amend the Code of the City of Milford, Chapter 174, by defining and regulating vegetable gardens. The introduction of this ordinance at the last City Council meeting explained that vegetable gardens within city limits would be restricted to the rear of properties.

The workshop was intended to create a dialogue between the City and members of the community about possible ways to create a solution to the problem. Members of the community came forth to voice their opinions which ranged from concerns that citizens depend on gardens to supplement their diets to recommending that council regulate maintenance of gardens and not location. Council decided to review the ordinances and clean up the language based on the suggestions from the community to be voted on at a later date.

The review of Ordinances to amend City Code 230 to define and regulate maintenance of outdoor wood burning furnaces and recreational vehicles was also tabled to reappear at a future meeting.

After discussion of the three maintenance ordinances was complete, the City Council meeting was called to order. The first item on the agenda was the approval for mosquito spraying activities to occur from March through mid-November. A motion to approve was introduced by Councilman Wilson. Council voted unanimously to pass the motion.

Five separate ordinances to amend the issuing of licenses were introduced to City Council. The amendments required that permits and applications for zoning codes, peddling, soliciting & transient merchants licenses, residential rental operating licenses, solid waste licenses and teen centers licenses shall not be issued “unless all taxes, assessments, sewer, water, electric, trash charges and any other fees due the City are paid and in good standing.” The amendments were passed unanimously as a package.

At the last City Council meeting on Monday, February 14 the City of Milford proposed an evaluation of its existing wastewater system. “This evaluation will ensure that future investments will be very targeted and minimize future costs,” stated City Manager David Baird. A motion to apply for a grant from the State of Delaware that would cover 50% of the costs associated was voted on and approved unanimously by Council at the last meeting. With the State of Delaware agreeing to pay half of the associated costs, a motion was introduced last night to move forward and begin progress on the assessment project. The council voted to unanimously accept this motion.

Councilman Grier, Chairman of the Economic Development Committee, presented the names of the newly appointed Economic Development Advisory panel. The purpose of this board is to represent a cross section of the community and bring new ideas to the Economic Development Strategy. Members of the panel include Bill Pilecki, David Markowitz, Nolan Williams, Sher Valenzuela, Dave Hitchens, Harvey Kenton, Jason James, Irv Ambrose, Fred Rohm, Craig Crouch, Bob Connelly and Sharon Kanter. The first meeting of the Economic Development Advisory Council will be held on Wednesday, March 9 and will be open to the public. Councilman Grier introduced a motion to accept the names of the panel. The motion was unanimously accepted by City Council.