Spillane Looks to Regain Council Seat

Michael Spillane, a Delawarean from Newark has lived in Milford for six years. He is a retired disabled veteran and a MBA graduate of Wilmington University. Mr. Spillane describes himself as an independent candidate that does not solicit campaign funds from PACs, businesses, corporations or individuals. “If I am elected I will not be beholding to any source; my commitment will be to the people I serve with integrity and honesty,” stated Mr. Spillane.

Spillane previously served as Councilman in Ward 1 in 2008 to 2010. During his two-year term Mr. Spillane was Chairman of the Charter Committee, which worked on reviewing the current charter for the City of Milford, and a member of the Board of Adjustments. Having served one term on Council, Mike feels that this experience has provided him with the understanding of council’s internal operations and responsibilities to the citizens of Milford.

“I saw myself as a voice for the people. On the Board of Adjustments I helped to promote a more open government. I always tried to represent individuals in a way that benefited all parties involved,” comment Mr. Spillane.

Spillane recognizes that the city of Milford is at an “extremely important era” with budgeting, economic development, revitalization, infrastructure upgrades, planning and zoning and code enforcement. “These are all important issues that need to be dealt with in the near future,” stated Mr. Spillane.

Mike will strive to see that growth is managed in accordance to plans and guidelines as the city prepares to move forward with the newly adopted economic development strategy. Being new territory for the City, Mike would like to see a more defined plan that focuses on the type of jobs that Milford needs. Mr. Spillane would like to see high-tech jobs brought to the area to attract professions for the younger generation and help grow our private business sector.

“We must step up to the plate and help promote the private market. Let’s take a look at attracting stores from other area with incentives.” stated Mr. Spillane.

Mike also sees a need to focus on the senior population in the town of Milford to make sure they are represented in the City Council. Mike would like to start looking at offering a shuttle that would help the senior population become more active in the community.

“Although I do not think it is time yet to develop a shuttle system we should start to plan for a system in the future,” commented Mr. Spillane.

If elected to City Council, Mike looks forward to working not only for Ward 1 but the city as a whole. He commented that “our representatives need to understand that what affects someone in one ward affects the whole city.”

As a member of Council Mike would like to be a part of the planning team that promotes Milford as a “likeable, livable, historical and artistic community.” Mr. Spillane acknowledges that the City should focus on infrastructure to make the town of Milford more accessible to people traveling on Rt. 1, Rt. 113 and Rt. 36. He would like to create easy access to our town for those visiting the beach areas.

Election Day for all City Council seats will be Saturday, April 16, 2011. Voting will take place at the Milford Middle School from 12:00pm to 8:00pm.For additional information regarding Election Day or voter registration contact City Hall at 302-424-3712.