Help One Of Our Own Lend A Hand In His Native Home


A message from  Ed Evans:

As you are well aware, on February 22, Christchurch, New Zealand (Brad Dennehy’s hometown) was hit with it’s 2nd major earthquake in 5 months, equating to New Zealand’s worst natural disaster in over 100 years.

As I witnessed the pictures that were posted by Brad’s family and friends, along with the news footage, I felt compelled to help in some way. After talking with mutual friends about what we could do, a fund has been set up to aid Brad and his family.

First and foremost, we would love to send this proud kiwi home where he can assist his family, friends, and neighbors. If that goal is met, any additional funds collected will be used to aid the earthquake victims. The eastern suburbs of Christchurch, where Brad grew up and his family still resides, are still without water, sewer, and electricity. All of the houses in the neighborhood have extensive damage, including both his parents’ home and sister’s home.

With Brad’s expertise in building and infrastructure, he could make a real difference, but first and foremost, he could lend moral support to family and friends during this tragic time.

If you would like to contribute to the CHCH FUND – to help make this happen, please contact me or send your donations to Ed Evans or Kristin Yvette Dennehy c/o County Bank, 100 East Masten Circle, Milford, DE 19963. Please write CHCH FUND in the memo line of the check. Our community has been blessed to have a Kiwi living among us, now let’s show Brad and his fellow New Zealander’s how much our community cares.