New Advisory Council Met for the First Time


On Wednesday March 9 the newly appointed Economic Development Advisory Council met for the first time since its creation. The panel that was appointed by Councilman Grier and accepted unanimously by City Council is charged with bringing new ideas to the recently developed Economic Development Strategy for the future of Milford.

The Economic Development Advisory Council will be evaluating and making suggestions on components of the 6-point action plan that was created and outlined by John Rhodes, a Senior Principal of Moran, Stahl & Boyer Economic Development Consultants, and adopted by the City Council on Monday, January 25.

The six main components of the action plan deal with the area of commercial real-estate, workforce development, infrastructure, organizational support for economic development, support for new and existing businesses and marketing,   promotions and internal communications.

City Manager David Baird commented that from the meeting on Wednesday he sees the Board initially focusing on workforce development, support for new and existing businesses and marketing and promotions and internal communication.

“They will be able to flush out the specifics of those action plans and make recommendations to The Economic Development Committee,” commented Mr. Baird.

The Advisory Board will make recommendations to the Economic Development Committee that will then be reviewed and taken to the Milford City Council. At the initial meeting, the Advisory Board voted Sher Valenzuela as the Chairperson to head up discussion and advisory procedure for the group.   

Members of the panel include Chairwoman Sher Valenzuela, Bill Pilecki, David Markowitz, Nolan Williams, Dave Hitchens, Harvey Kenton, Jason James, Irv Ambrose, Fred Rohm, Craig Crouch, Bob Connelly and Sharon Kanter.   

Councilman Garrett Grier, Chairman of the Economic Development Committee, expressed his excitement about the new Advisory Board and its future. “There are 12 very different, talented people who are coming up with new ideas and ways to reach out to the community.  I would like to see the Board be an independent thinking group that brings in unique ideas from the public,” stated Mr. Grier.

The Board is currently looking into creating subcommittees to establish all types of discussions on the future of Milford.  It will operate under the same rules as any public committee. The next Advisory Board meeting will take place on Wednesday March 23 at 5:30 at City Hall.  The meetings are open to the public.