Young Life Returns to Milford


The faith-based organization Young Life is making a return in the community of Milford.  Young Life has a rich history in the Milford community and was very active just a few years ago.  Erin Windsor has joined the Young Life staff with mission of re-establishing Young Life in Milford.  She hopes to develop a plan to sustain the ministry through a strong community ownership of the program in Milford. 

“Young Life hopes to build a long history of impacting students in the Milford community. We also hope to develop future ministry all over Southern Delaware to give students an opportunity to hear and respond to the Christian faith in language they understand from an adult who cares for them no matter their response to the message,” stated Barry Tolton, State Director for Young Life in Delaware.     

Young Life is open to all middle school and high school students.  Their mission is to introduce adolescence to Jesus Christ and help them grow in their faith.  Although aimed at helping children, Young Life begins with adults who are concerned enough about kids to help build relationships that will foster learning in the future.  Adults involved in the program will act as mentors to lead kids towards making smart decisions in their live.

The Young Life website acknowledges that “the decisions they make today, based upon God’s love for them, will impact future decisions including career choices, marriages formed and children raise. All ripples from the time when a Young Life leader took time to reach out and enter their world.”

Young Life is a non-denominational Christian youth ministry.  They seek to build relationships with kids who would be considered “unchurched” or “disinterested” to earn the right to share with them about the Christian faith.  Young Life offers kids an opportunity to hang out in a positive environment with adults who care enough to enter into the world of kids. Although kids are free to believe whatever they want about Christianity, they are challenged to consider what they believe about God to be true for themselves. The message they hear is from caring adults who share with them a language they can understand.

“Kids are desperate for meaningful relationships and adventure.  They have an opportunity to experience both through their involvement with Young Life,” commented Barry Tolton.

 On Tuesday, March 15 Young Life will be holding a Milford Community Night at the Milford Middle School Cafeteria from 6:00- 8:00pm. The purpose of this gathering will be to inform the community about what the Young Life organization and ministry is.  They hope to inspire kids to use the talents they have to get involved and support the ministry.  The evening will be family friendly and open to all who would like to attend.

This year Kids from Milford Young Life will be joining over 200 high school students from around the state of Delaware to attend Young Life Lake Champion resort in Glen Spey, NY.

For more information on Young Life visit  or contact Erin Windsor at or 302-725-7777. Kids can also find out more about the organization by looking Young Life up on Facebook.