Carla Markell Partners with Boys & Girls Club

Delaware’s First Lady, Carla Markell, is leading a volunteer, community-based effort to upgrade the facilities at Boys & Girls Clubs in Delaware by utilizing local volunteer time, materials and supplies. The Milford Boys & Girls Club has emerged as one of the facilities taking the lead role in improving the learning environment for local children.
The idea to help identify and facilitate community resources for volunteer efforts grew out of the Annual Week of Service that will be recognized this year from April 10 to April 16. The Governors’ Office, State Office of Volunteerism and local organizations will help facilitate public and private partnerships to help renovate the Milford Boys & Girls Club.

The volunteer-based revitalization project focuses on creating opportunities for improving conditions at The Club during the current national and statewide financial situation. Project Manager Nancy Chirdon, a Milford business owner herself, states that “In the light of the current financial straits, our community must not depend on government but rely on the help from each other.” With less aid from the federal, state and local government, organizations are looking towards other avenues to generate resources.

The Milford Boys & Girls Club is only two years old and is not in need of any major renovations compared to some older, more established facilities throughout the state. The Milford facility, however, has seen a lot of use in the past two years and the interior is in need of new paint and floors in specific areas. Other renovations include additional storage shelves and cabinets in the workshop rooms and basic supplies to grow the educational programs.

Renovation of the Boys & Girls Clubs is volunteer-driven and managed on a local basis. Additional volunteer hours, materials, supplies and equipment will be provided by private individuals and companies who want to help provide an attractive, welcoming environment for children to learn and grow.

Individuals and companies are asked to contact Project Manager Nancy Chirdon to ensure that this is a first-class effort that will highlight how much the Milford community cares for its youngest citizens.

To contribute to this project with materials or volunteer hours call Nancy at 302-393-9032.