Community Prayer Breakfast Honored Mayor Rogers

Keynote Speaker Bob Carey

The 28th Milford Community Prayer Breakfast Honoring Mayor Ronnie Rogers was held on Saturday, March 26 at the Milford Senior Center.  The Prayer Breakfast movement began in 1934 by an immigrant by the name of Abraham Vereide, in the city of Seattle, and has enjoyed international prominence ever since.

This movement brings together government, business, education, and all citizenry with the desire to deepen the spiritual life and moral fiber of the community through the leadership led by God. The Milford Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast, started by Mayor Rogers in 1983, is an extension of a worldwide movement which follows the pattern of the Congress, Senate, Governors and Mayors across the United States.

Keynote speaker Bob Carey, Executive Director of Delmarva Teen Challenge, told his inspirational story of his 20 year battle with drugs and alcohol. A child of economic privilege and social standing, his addiction brought him to Baltimore where he, at the age of 34, was living on the streets.

“I never thought I’d end up a homeless man carrying my life’s belongings in a knapsack, sleeping in missions and standing in line for my meals,” stated Mr. Carey. 

After having passed out in the streets with a temperature of 106 degrees, Bob was taken to Mercy Hospital.  After twelve days on antibiotics and bed rest he was directed to Teen Challenge in Detroit, MI where Bob repented his sins and found Christ. 

Bob started a new life and began to study scripture at Central Bible School in Detroit. Since then Bob has been married to his wife Chistina for 17 years and has been blessed with three children. He has been actively involved with Teen Challenge for 17 years and now serves as Executive Director of Delmarva Teen Challenge.

The message of the keynote speaker was not lost on the crowd who responded with praises of “Amen” and “Praise the Lord” as they listened to Bob’s journey. The breakfast reminded those in attendance of the importance of God in their everyday lives as Mr. James Starling, of United Methodist Church, gave the closing prayer.

Sponsors of the 28th Annual Community Prayer Breakfast included City of Milford, Fitzgerald’s Auto Salvage, Moore and Rutt, Country Life Homes, Artisan’s Bank, Milford Senior Center and Bill Davis Painting.