Chase Your Dreams Scholarship Memorializes Rothermel



Left to right the students are Ivana Rivera, Michelle Bahder, Jesse McCormick, Kaitlin Webb, Doris Smith, Bob Smith, Brianna Walls, Corrine Plummer, Ethan Reichold, McKenna Rothermel, and Shawn Snyder

By Shawn Snyder

Five years ago, Chase Rothermel passed away after a tragic sledding accident. In response to this tragedy, the class of 2009 along with the Milford Elks Club have established a scholarship in his memory for Milford High School seniors called The Chase Your Dreams Scholarship.

This fund has given away over 10,000 dollars in scholarships since its inception 2009. Since the class of 2009’s graduation, the MHS student council has taken up the mantel of funding this important scholarship in cooperation with Mr. Bob Smith and the Milford Elk’s Lodge.

Mr. and Mrs. Bob Smith and the Elks have organized annual chicken and dumpling dinners with the proceeds going to fund the scholarship. This year’s event sold out and raised nearly $4000. While the Elks do the cooking, students from MHS help sell tickets, serve the food, bus tables, and do dishes.

“It’s just great to help out this wonderful cause,” said Brianna Walls, a Milford High School Senior.

“I’m involved in several organizations at Milford High School, but this is the one I’m proudest of,” explained Shawn Snyder, MHS student government advisor. Chase was one of my class of 2009 class officers. I remember that day like it was yesterday. We lost a lot when we lost Chase. This is something that his friends and family felt compelled to do to honor his memory and I feel humbled to be a part of it.”

Milford High School seniors are encouraged to apply for the scholarship in the high school guidance office. Students must have a minimum 2.5 GPA, be involved in at least one extra-curricular, and write an essay explaining how this money will help them “Chase their dreams.” The deadline for the scholarship is April 15th. This year there are up to six 1000 dollar scholarships available for eligible seniors. Winners are announced at the senior awards banquet on Wednesday, May 15 in the high school auditorium.