Johnson Seeks Re-election to City Council


Councilman Steve Johnson has been part of the Milford’s community since 1967. He is a member of both Avenue United Methodist Church in Milford and Epworth United Methodist Church in Rehoboth. Mr. Johnson believes that our faith must be put in action through our service to the community and our involvement in civic activities and volunteer organizations; being a voice for all the people of Milford. He describes himself as pro-business, fiscal conservative and has served the people of Milford’s First Ward since being elected in 2009.

Q. What accomplishments have you made during your current term on Council?

A. When I first ran for City Council two years ago, my biggest concerns were city electric rates and conditions on the council itself. There were divisions that held the council in an unimaginable quagmire. I am proud to say that not only have there have been no rate increases over the last two years, but that Milford’s Electric rates are among the most competitive in the state

Furthermore we now have a unified city council, bound together by the same mission and the same goal, putting Milford first. Working together, this council submitted a balanced budget without tax increases and without service curtailments.

Q. Why have you decided to run again?

A. I want to see the positive momentum started by this city council continue. In spite of troubled times in city, county and state governments throughout the entire country, Milford has made great progress. We cannot afford to go backwards.

Q. What do you see as the future of Milford?

A. Milford has a lot of great assets. We have a wonderful new library, great schools, skilled teachers and administrators helping prepare our children for success in their future. Our mandate as a city council is to prepare a future for our children and their families. We must continue to foster an environment that encourages businesses to create the jobs our citizens need. The advisory panel made up of a cross-section of Milford area residents will help the Economic Development Committee meet that challenge.

Q. What needs to be improved?

A. We as a council need to communicate that the City of Milford is its citizens, not its government. In the past, Milford’s greatest asset has always been faithful citizens with a dream for what their hometown could be. Through their hard work those same people made Milford what it is today. As we look beyond today to the challenges of our future, we need all of our citizens, regardless of age, political affiliation or background; whether a long term resident or a new Milfordian, to not only dream of what they want their city to be, but to work side by side to create that vision.

Q. What would you like to accomplish over your next term?

A. I support making improvements to our infrastructure. At the top of the agenda is fixing our Inflow and Infiltration problems with the sewer system. I also believe as a council we need to support areas for recreation, including a dog park.

Over the last two years I have been involved in food drives for the Food Bank of Delaware and have supported Milford’s Emergency Cold Weather Shelter (sponsored by the Churches of Milford through the Circle of Light). Hunger and Homelessness are two issues I feel very strongly about, and will continue to support efforts to alleviate them in Milford.

I have worked with Scott Angelucci and the Downtown Milford initiatives which brought art studios and programs to downtown Milford. I would like to see the city continue to support these projects.

Q. Why should residents of Milford vote for you?

A. Residents in the First Ward should look at my voting record. We currently have the largest and most diverse group of citizens in our ward but my first and foremost goal has always been to represent the entire ward (both old and newer neighborhoods); secondly to do what is right for the safety and well being of our citizens and finally to make sure that the interests of the “City of Milford” are advanced and protected.