Despite Strong Defense Bucs Fall to Caesar Rodney


Sean Marraffini

Quick out the gate Caesar Rodney came out on the attack, and get two past the Milford defense in the first half. Milford would stifle the attack the remainder of the game but was unable to find an offensive solution and fell 2-0 to the Riders Friday evening.

Coming into Friday evening’s game, Caesar Rodney had scored 23 goals in three games and allowed none. They showed their offensive spark early and throughout most of the game.

From the whistle CR drove up the field getting shots on goal and creating dangerous chances. For a large majority of the first half the Riders would keep the ball in the Milford half, with the lady Bucs struggling to get the ball past midfield.

The formation may have been cause for the shortage of opportunities.

“The goal was to cut the field in half, Short said. “Keep things compact our end and have the one player up top.”

It would be in the 9th minute that Rodney would get on the board with a goal by Alexis Prillaman.

The offensive pressure continued for the remainder of the half and in the 25th minute CR would find the back of the Milford net with Courtney Hahn scoring from the penalty spot after being taken down in front of goal.

Despite the attack the Milford defense held. The defense stopped runs and shots on goal where knocked aside by goaltender Brooke Hughes who had the performance of the season so far.

At the start of the second half, CR continued to drive with their foot on the gas, attacking relentlessly.

Yet the defense held up.

“We are built on defense, there’s no getting around that, that’s the strongest part of our team.” Short said.

The offense which had little time with the ball in the first half, got more time in the second.

Lead by Rebekah Yanacek up top along with, Morgan Anton, Brianna Talkington and Tara Gleysteen. The offense drove further and further up the field with each possession. Throwing CR off their game and causing them to have to regroup when they won possession back.

The offensive highlight came in the 56th minute when Yanacek split the defense and drove inside the CR box to fire a shot that was stopped by goalie Elayna Simpson.

“We went two up top in the second half, so we could try and get one back, unfortunately we couldn’t.” Short said.

The remainder of the second half would see Milford thwarting any offensive chances by CR and then doing their best to drive up field.

In the remaining minutes, the Riders would turn up the intensity. Shooting from yards out and using little passes to split the Bucs defense. Yet Hughes stood on her head turning away all shots.

At the final whistle, it may have been a loss but to keep such an offensive team to a low score in most certainly was a morale victory.