Brad Dennehy Returns to New Zealand


On February 22, Christchurch, New Zealand, Brad Dennehy’s hometown, was hit with its second major earthquake in 5 months, equating to New Zealand’s worst natural disaster in over 100 years.

Since this devastating chain of events the Milford community has come together in an effort to help send Brad home to New Zealand so that he may help those in his home town. With Brad’s expertise in building and infrastructure, he will make a real difference, in his native town of Christchurch.

Last Monday Brad sent us an update on the effects of the earthquake in Christchurch and how the town will begin to move forward. As one of our own Milfordians is across the globe providing aid and support to victims of this historical disaster, we at are committed to providing the public with timely updates on Brad and his home town. Attached is the letter we received from Brad Dennnehy on Monday, April 4, 2011.

“Subject: Quick update from New Zealand


I arrived in NZ on Saturday after leaving the US on Thursday. The western part of Christchurch is not bad, but the downtown region and eastern suburbs are facing massive issues. 6 weeks on they have made progress, but the utility infrastructure, roads and houses are for lack of a better description…”stuffed”.


Anywhere you drive you encounter torn up roads, leaking sewer and busted water pipes…at last count there was 490 kilometers of sewer pipes to replace. The big concern is the sewer system with it only working at 30%…that and 40 million liters of sewer is leaking in to the ground, rivers and ultimately the ocean a DAY…yes a day.


The kiwis have made a lot of progress but they seem to be lacking boots on the ground so to speak. At the moment I am working with my father trying to get my sister back in to her house…she, her husband and child have been out of their house for 6 weeks. At the moment we have framed up a big internal wall and are working on sheet rocking it, getting it finished enough so hopefully they can move back in to their house this weekend.


The entire downtown is still under lock down by the Army, with most of the central district business to be demolished. What the future holds here I am not sure.”

Brad we all wish you and your home town of Christchurch safety and security and hope that recovery and closure will follow.  We look forward to seeing you back in your second home town of Milford, Delaware.