Dirk Gleysteen Thanks Citizens for their Vote


Thanks, Milford!

I would like to thank all the citizens of the 2nd ward who came out to vote on Saturday, April 16th,  for me and my opponent.  During the campaign for councilman, it was refreshing to see so many friends and neighbors who are engaged and dedicated towards making Milford a great place to live and work.  I gathered so many good ideas and insights from you that I will always keep in mind as I participate in the City Council proceedings.  In addition, whether the homes I visited were leaning towards Gary or myself, everyone was very welcoming and made campaigning an enjoyable experience.  I can’t thank you all enough for this.

I would also like to thank my wife, Diana, for her love and support and picking up the slack for me while I was busy campaigning.  And my children, Tara, John, and Angela for keeping things light hearted and in perspective. My friends and neighbors Cliff Crouch, Harvey Kenton, and Bill Policki, among many, for their support and hard work on my behalf.  I would like to thank my fellow Planning and Zoning Commission members, with whom it’s been a pleasure to work with.  And Gary Downes, whom I knew I would have to give a 110% effort to even have a chance to win the election. 

Milford is a great town and has so much potential, I truly look forward to serving the 2nd ward, and all of Milford.  Thank you for this opportunity, I’ll do my best.


Dirk Gleysteen