Steve Johnson Thanks Voters



Thank you,

First of all, I would like to thank my campaign manager and his family.  Without his support and direction, we might have seen a different outcome.  My pastors (Rev. Earle Baker at Avenue, Rev. Jonathan Baker at Epworth) always helped me to stay focused on the reason I was running.   I want to thank our city council for their words of kindness and support.

 Also, I would like to thank our coalition of supporters from the business community but most of all I want to thank all the people of the First Ward who cared enough about the process to vote.  The election was difficult for Hearthstone voters because two of their friends were running at the same time.  To all of our neighbors in the First Ward, I promise to faithfully represent your interests in the next two years.  I can be reached via email at  (please put MILFORD in the subject line in case it goes in a spam folder) or phone 302-222-5184.    

One of the issues I would like to work on is Voter Registration.  I don’t see any reason, with City of Milford computer upgrades, why we cannot finally have online voter registration for those who have state issued Identification.  On Election Day voters have to show ID so the verification process can be completed at that time.

We still need more parks and recreation, but in this term I would like for us to have a dog park located in the First Ward.  So many of our parks are in other wards, and our residents have been asking for this and deserve it.


Steve Johnson