Johnson and Gleysteen Win Council Seats


The 2011 Milford City Council Election was held Saturday, April 16, 12:00pm-8:00pm at the Milford Middle School. Ward 1 was a contested race between current Councilman Steve Johnson and former Councilman Michael Spillane.  Ward 2 was a contested race between Gary Downes and Dirk Gleysteen. Councilman Jason Adkins held this seat for the past two years and decided not to run for reelection. Doug Morrow ran uncontested in Ward 3 and James Starling ran uncontested in Ward 4.

In Ward 1 Steve Johnson defeated his opponent by a margin of 65.0% to 35.0% (240 out of 369 total votes). Steve will serve another two years on the Milford City Council continuing his term that began in 2009. 

 I would like to thank our coalition of supporters from the community but most of all I want to thank all the people of the First Ward who cared enough about the process to vote,” commented Steve. “To all of our neighbors in the First Ward, I promise to faithfully represent your interests in the next two years.  I can be reached via email at or phone 302-222-5184.     “

When asked about his plans for the next two years serving the residents of Milford, Councilman Johnson stated that he supports making improvements to our infrastructure. “At the top of the agenda is fixing our Inflow and Infiltration problems with the sewer system,” commented Steve.

In Ward 2 Dirk Gleysteen defeated his opponent by a margin of 51.7% to 48.3% (131 to 122 total votes). Dirk will serve the Council seat that was previously filled by Councilman Jason Adkins.

“I would like to thank all the citizens of the 2nd ward who came out to vote on Saturday, April 16th, for me and my opponent,” commented Dirk. “During the campaign for councilman, it was refreshing to see so many friends and neighbors who are engaged and dedicated towards making Milford a great place to live and work.  I gathered so many good ideas and insights from you that I will always keep in mind as I participate in the City Council proceedings.”

During his first term, Dirk states that he will work to promote existing business in Milford.  “The issue we face is how to keep and attract good paying jobs.  It’s a moving target, but as a community our goal should be that everyone who wants a job has one, and if they wish it is in Milford.”

Dirk looks forward to contributing to the Economic Development Committee with his background in manufacturing.  “Our local economy seems to be on the right track with health care, service, and retail jobs, but manufacturing has been on the decline for years.  If we put a focus on that, where there is significant opportunity, we can attract solid blue collar and white collar jobs,” stated Dirk. “There are several vacant store fronts in Milford.  The Economic Development Committee could be a resource in finding tenants and help us avoid the small town urban blight.”