Lions Celebrate 65th Charter Night


By Dick Andrews


The Milford Lions Club celebrated its 65th Charter Night, Saturday April 16th at the Shawnee Country Club.  It was a night of fellowship, good food, and entertainment.  During the social hour attendees were entertained was by Steve Johnson and his electronic piano.

After the opening ceremonies, 3rd VP Nancy Czerwinski introduced guest of deceased Lions. Attending were Helen Holleger and Hilda Parkhurst.  She recognized Past District Governors Clyde Bragg, Ken Draper and Past Council of Chairs Clyde Bragg, Grant Curtis.  She recognized Life members Bill Eisenbrey and Gale Grove and Privileged members Bill Bullock, Pret Dyer, Howard Sipple and Bob Voshell.  She stated the following Lions have over 50 years service: Bill Eisenbrey (51), Pret Dyer (58) and Gale Grove (60).


After dinner, King Lion Jodie Sleva discussed the Ralph Helm and James McCarty awards. These awards are presented to Lions for their continuing service to the Milford Lions Club and their community.  Lions Bob Clendaniel, Tom Greenlee, John Jackson and Mike Sharp were presented the James McCarty Bronze award.  Lion Randy Harp, Jack Simon and Gail Wadkins-Berry received the James McCarty Silver award.  Lions Mary Ann Burnett, John DeRue, Bob Farrell, Laurel Pastor and Bill Pilecki received the Ralph Helm Bronze award.


King Lion Jodie Sleva then presented the Spence Willis Lion of the Year award, which is presented to a Lion for outstanding service, loyalty and devotion to the Milford Lions Club.  The recipients name is engraved on a special Milford Lions Club display plaque.  This year’s Spence Willis Lion of the Year was presented to Lion Dick Andrews.


The Melvin Jones Fellow, one of the highest honors a Lion can receive, was presented to a Lion who continually shows outstanding service, loyalty and devotion to Lion’s motto “We Serve”.  King Lion Jodie Sleva presented Melvin Jones Fellow award to Lions Jayson Crouch, Doug Gibson, Joe Palermo and Gail Wadkins-Berry who received her second Melvin Jones Fellowship.


King Jodie Sleva thanked the officers and members for their support during the past year.  She thanked Vice Presidents, Rob Craig, Bob Clendaniel and Nancy Czerwinski for organizing the 65th Charter Night.  Mrs. Sleva stated that the Milford Lions Club is “the most active service organizations in the area, and that she was proud to be President of the Milford Lions Club.” To find more information on services the Milford Lions Club provide or how to become a member visit