Students and Blood Bank of Delaware Team Up


The Milford Senior High School Student Council, under the direction of advisor Sean Snyder and school nurse Terry Stokes, organized a school wide blood drive on Wednesday, April 20.  The student-run blood drive was held inside the gymnasium and just outside in the Blood Bank of Delaware Mobile Blood Bank. 

The partnership between the Milford High School students and the Blood Bank of Delaware is one that has been enjoyed by both parties for years.  “It was a great community effort that we wanted to continue. I thought it was really good for the students and staff members to get involved in the entire process from the planning stages to completion,” commented school nurse Terry Strokes.  The Blood Bank of Delaware provides the materials and equipment each year and the students volunteer the man-hours by advertising the event and gathering donors throughout the school. 

Student Body President Becky Ball describes the event as being a great cause that was promoted by their student council advisor Sean Snyder. “Mr. Snyder had a past experience where he needed and received blood transfusions so naturally he is very passionate about the donation of blood by all everyone. The Student Council immediately jumped on board because of his story and the overall impact we could make,” stated Becky.   

According to the Blood Bank of Delmarva 20,000 local patients will need blood transfusions this year. It takes 350 blood donors a day to meet that need. With twelve students volunteering their services to help and over sixty students and staff members donating blood the blood drive was a great success.  Many students donated not just for themselves but for others in their lives that have needed the vital benefit that the blood bank performs.

Student Garret Blessing donated blood because “when my dad was diagnosed with cancer someone donated blood for my dad who need two blood transfusions. I want to give that back to someone else.”

Junior, Kettyde Deravines stated that she “has done it before and it is for a good cause.  I will definetly do it again.”

The Blood Bank of Delaware urges all individuals to “be someone’s hero” by giving blood.  Giving blood is a lifesaving gift that means hope for recovery and can often make the difference between life and death for patients.  The Blood Bank of Delmarva asks people to visit the mobile Blood Bank which is  held monthly at the Reformation Lutheran Church, 613 Lakeview Avenue, and at the Carlisle Fire Hall, 615 Northwest Front Street. A calendar of the dates can be found at