One Small Town Helping Another


In the aftermath of the massive storms in Alabama hundreds have lost their lives and thousands have been left without shelter, food and every day amenities. The devastation that has plagued the southern United States this year has touched many families across the nation.

One of those families struck by this tragedy is the LaVere family of Milford. Ron LaVere is a native Milfordian and owner of Lavere Electric near Canterbury Road. His son Jason and wife live in Alabama and were hit hard by the storms of last week. Seeing his family struggling in an attempt to get their lives back to normal, Ron decided that the residents of Milford could extend their hand and help the people of small towns across Alabama.

“I received a call from my kids in Alabama and they told me how they and their town were recovering from the disaster. They were running out of toilet paper, clothing and baby formula. Things that we all take for granted. I thought to myself, there has to be people in this town who are willing to donate items to support those in Alabama,” commented Mr. Lavere.

Residents of the town in Alabama where Ron’s children live just had their electric and water turned on this week. There is major damage to housing and infrastructure that makes it difficult for support and aid to be delivered quickly. Beyond material possessions, many families have been torn apart and affected by the fatal storms.

In an effort to help the victims of the storm down South Ron is collecting items to take to Alabama. He is planning on leaving on Friday, May 13 with his first load and hopes to make a second trip with enough community donations.

Items can be dropped off at The State Farm Insurance building at 915 S. Dupont Hwy, Milford, DE or at Ron’s house located at 840 Church Hill Rd, Milford, DE. Personal care items, deodorant, soaps, shampoo, toothbrushes, toothpaste, toilet paper, Baby items-(food, diapers, toys), Clothes (Please make sure any used clothes are washed and bagged or boxed!), non perishable foods, bottled water, and anything else that might be of use should be dropped off to these locations. Some of the people that are receiving these items are still wearing the clothes they had on the day of the tornadoes so anything that can be used on a daily basis can and should be donated.

For any questions or information regarding donations please contact Ron LaVere at 302-270-7171. Updates for more drop off locations and more ways to help can be found on Milford Live’s Facebook page .

All Photos Taken by Ron’s Family in Alabama